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PDF – The Most Popular Format for Sharing Information

June 12, 2021
PDF the most popular format for sharing information

What makes PDF the most popular format for sharing information?

While there are hundreds of file formats that we use for personal and professional needs, PDF is one of the most popular ones. It is the global standard format for sharing information. While most of the time you write in Word file, PDF has its own set of benefits. That is why it is used mostly by professionals. There are times when you needy a handy tool to help merge PDF files. While there are quite a few PDF tools you can find around, always look for a great tool such as Soda PDF Merge that is loaded with the best features and offer extra cream too.

What makes PDF the most popular format for sharing information

If you have not been using PDF format before, here is a simple article that would help you have an idea of the many benefits of this file format.

  1. Document format is maintained. One of the major benefits of using PDF format is that it helps maintain the format of your file. There are problems with sharing documents that you make in Microsoft Word or other similar formats. Often the formatting is moved when you share your file. It can be a lot of trouble if the recipient of your file cannot view your file properly. PDF format, on the other hand, makes sure that your format is in tact and nothing is moved.
  2. Small file size. People also excessively use PDF since it allows you to compress big files into smaller file sizes. That is why they make the files easier to share. By using PDF thus you can save hard drive space. For those who are conscious about their computer space can particularly benefit from this file format.
  3. The format is universal format. Another great reason to use PDF is that it is used worldwide. People all over the world are comfortable with this format. Since it is easy to read and share, most users prefer using it. So if you have to share files there is no need to think twice before sending it anywhere in the world. Simply choose PDF format.
  4. File protection. Security of information is always a vital concern. If PDF allows to protect your files using a password so that no one else but the concerned recipient can view it. Sharing sensitive information is safe when you use PDF. So if you are concerned about the security issue feel free to count on this popular format.
  5. Compatibility. No matter what operating system you use PDF can work with all. Be it a PC or a Mac, iOS or Android, using PDF files is not a problem at all. Your viewers can easily access, view and share your PDF file with their current operating system.

If you are not a regular PDF user, you may not have much idea about conversion. There is nothing to worry since there are plenty of PDF creators and PDF mergers that can help you create and merge PDF files online. You can find free as well as paid tools depending on your need.

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