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What is Digital Marketing? What are Digital Marketing Jobs?

June 25, 2020
Digital Marketing
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What is Digital Marketing

What comes to mind when you say marketing. A marketer crossing the streets, observing people, and making new attempts based on ideas that come to mind. If you think like this. I think you are a fan of dramas and movies. In these difficult times, the marketing job is popular with those who are preparing for a job. There may be an illusion of the aforementioned marketing. I think it is a field that has a lower entry barrier than I thought. Does marketing really make it easy for anyone to think and get started and enjoy the form everyday?

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Marketing, digging into its meaning:

First, let’s find out what ‘marketing’ is. The definitions of the American Marketing Society in 2004 are as follows.


Don’t you understand what I mean? Let’s briefly summarize the key content. In the past, marketing was key to creating value by providing producers with something in one direction. It was when Mass Media’s influence was very high. But now, the key is for producers and consumers to communicate interactively, think customer-eccentric and build solid relationships.

Marketing Efforts:

You may have felt the efforts of companies to communicate on social media through the development of online. In the days when there was more demand than supply in the past, it was important to print products infinitely, but as more suppliers were supplied than demand, the customer-centered thinking changed. Indeed, the marketing field is a place of infinite competition.

With more and more suppliers than demand, the means to promote this are increasing and increasing, and customers are suffering from the noise of various promotional materials. Also, they no longer only compete for products/services of the same item. As you can see from the words ” Nike Nendo “. As the boundaries of the market have been broken down and the division of industries has not become important, it has become very important to make our products and services different from our competitors.

Marketing changes and evolution

Basically, it is important for marketers to do their job by telling their products/services to sales.’ In the early days, mass media such as newspapers, radio and TV commercials were actively used. In particular, in the days of advertising on print media, the technology of copywriting that caught the hearts of customers was very important (of course, it is important today). Also, visiting customers directly was one way. You just have to suck your finger and wait for the customer to come to our store, right? ‘Visit salesperson’ actively visited each family to encourage the use of prototypes, and actively encouraged purchases.

But now is the time of digital marketing ‘. No longer is the hassle of spreading promotions in one direction or visiting customers in person. With the development of online, the media for marketing has become very diverse. You can talk about Google, Naver, search engines and banner ads from the following search engines, replacing email ads in the past, email marketing that has evolved more, and building relationships with customers using social media. In particular, marketing using social media is one of the hottest marketing methods.

Facebook or Instagram is also a place of active communication, and even a few years ago, it was possible to execute detailed targeted advertisements. As this is a promotional method that ensures that ads are only exposed to customers who want it, marketers who make good use of it will be welcomed everywhere.

‘Digital marketer’ that the times want

What will digital marketers’ do specifically in the era of digital marketing? It is to make good use of various marketing channels online, to produce content with good virality, and to analyze the performance of this. All of this is a marketer’s job. In particular, using marketing channels well is the basics of the basics. You can think of this as the past marketing space moving online. Digital marketers can be broadly divided into two categories.

1)’Wow, this should be shared’ Content marketer that draws customers’ reaction

In content marketing, the ability to produce images or videos that can hook consumers more, and the ability to extract copies that match the characteristics of SNS channels are important. Producing postings from various blogs and card news frequently seen on Facebook is also a content marketer. Nowadays, in particular, marketing using informative texts rather than advertisements, or marketing methods that include storytelling in the advertisement itself, is becoming increasingly important. The core of the content is story’ and the basic power of storytelling is imagination and creativity. You need to enjoy and learn various types of content. You need to keep track of what media is using what type of content and what phrases and images are popular on SNS channels.

2) Data driven marketers that extract insights from customer traces

Often, the terms performance marketer’ or gross hacker’ are used interchangeably. Data driven marketing refers to a series of marketing processes that check and improve the process of converting customers who have flown into a website through content and advertisements exposed through various channels online into sales. It keeps track of where and how customers find our products/advertisements, how interested they are, and how many of them actually act on their targets. Whenever a customer enters our website.

It tracks and analyzes each movement and finds insights. For example, if the customer click rate is high on the banner at the bottom of the website, we believe this is what the customer is interested in. Put this banner at the top of the website, and make the landing page more attractive when you press and enter the banner. It’s going to help us a lot, for example, to increase sales, right? Not only that, but we also study how to conduct advertising and which channels are more effective to attract more people who are interested in and buy our goods/advertisements.

Digital marketer, will it survive?

Digital marketing jobs are popular across the board (Source: Onward Search)

‘Marketing Analyst’ and Digital’ among the 16 most demanding jobs in 2016, based on employment demand from 10 offices and customers in the US. A company that hires, researches, and dispatches creative and creative talent Marketing Manager. In addition, creative directors that can be viewed as one of the evolved forms of content marketers, social media managers, search engine marketing (SEM) managers, and email marketing managers. Jobs are also included. As such, the future prospects for the digital marketing sector are very bright. And the demand for this sector in the recruitment market is expected to continue to grow. Already in domestic job postings, cases of employing various titles such as Gross Hacker,Performance Marketer, and Content Editor, not just Marker Hiring’ are gradually increasing.

How To become a digital marketer:

How do you become a digital marketer? Of course, we need to develop the various competencies mentioned above. However, after hearing the story, it seems that it is necessary to decide whether to analyze data or create content.To be precise, it is necessary to understand the digital marketing environment as a whole. Rather than having only one knowledge. Based on this understanding, the first button is to improve the meaning of digital marketing.

The characteristics of each channel, and the understanding of content. It’s no longer time to get caught up in conceptual parts such as 3C (Customer, Competitor, Company) or 4P (Product, Price, Place, Promotion) that are discussed in thick marketing books. It is important to keep an eye on how you do marketing in the real world and learn the skills related to it.

In fact, trendy marketing is rapidly changing in the field. It is not easy to follow these changes unless you are a business practitioner. So, Fast Campus has been in contact with experts who have the best performance in the field for digital marketing. As the scope of digital marketing is so broad and specialized fields are different. I asked for advice from various people on what to study to become a digital marketer. Through this process, it was found that four steps are needed to develop the capabilities.

Innovative Ideas for Marketing

1) Understanding of marketing trends and communication methods according to the digital environment

2) Content creation for each media characteristic

3) Marketing strategy according to channel characteristics

4) Effective marketing execution through performance analysis

Following these steps, we organized a lecture to educate practitioners who boast the best performance in each field with a fast campus. Already hundreds of students have given directions to become digital marketers. And have made a solid foundation to leap into digital marketers.

Digital marketers are already a promising career. If you want to learn proper marketing, why not study at Fast Campus [Digital Marketing CAMP]? The best experts in the field tell you the know-how that was successful in the field.


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