Earn Money With CampCodes

Earn Money with CampCodes

Cheerful guy earning money for his idea

 What do we offer?

  • Unlimited blog posting of your Source Code or Tutorials in Any Programming Language.
  • Good servers with a good network speed.
  • Only authors can post to earn. Preferably a Filipino Citizen.
  • To become an author contact admin with the email: serbermz2020@gmail.com.

Rules & Conditions

  • We will block any user who’ll try to abuse our blog immediately without warning.
  • We will create your account on this site to post and earn money.
  • Use internal file sharing to upload your files and only share files link on campcodes.com
  • Files upload into our server will be checked by admin of campcodes.com.
  • Your posts must honor our terms of service & respect copyrights.
  • DMCA Files : If your post is copyrighted and reported by the owner of the post, your post will be deleted permanently from our blog.
  • Payments will be sent via Gcash or Bank Fund Transfer and will be transfer to your account every 15th of the Month.
  • Using campcodes.com it means that you have agreed to the terms and policies of the site.
  • Any copyrighted or adult material are not allowed on campcodes.com.