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Crystal Reports Visual Studio 2019 Installer

June 16, 2020
crystal report for visual studio 2019

Crystal Reports is officially a member of the Visual Studio .NET product.

It is included in all significant editions and ships in all languages available with Visual Studio .NET. Crystal Reports .NET provides developers with the fastest, most productive way to create and integrate presentation-quality, interactive reports that scale to meet end-users’ demands. This article introduces you to Crystal Reports .NET and shows you how to create reports and view them in either a Windows form or a Web form. I will also show you how to publish a statement as a Web service and consume the service in a Web form.

Crystal Reports .NET is a compelling report writer. It offers a well-defined object model that provides flexibility when integrating reports into Windows and Web applications. It also comes with a highly customizable viewer component that gives developers control on how their stories are presented to users. This article examines some of the new features of Crystal Reports .NET and shows you how to integrate a report into your application. After creating this report, you will learn how to publish its content to the Web as a Web service. 

New Features in Crystal Reports .NET

Integrated into .NET IDE

Crystal Reports .NET has been completely re-written from the ground-up in C#. It is tightly integrated into the Visual Studio .NET IDE. Developers no longer have to switch to a different application to create and edit reports.

Crystal Reports Viewer

Crystal Reports .NET provides developers with two different report viewing components. The first can be used for displaying stories in Windows forms. The other is a component that can be used to display reports in a Web environment. The beauty of these viewers is in their simplicity. Viewing a story is as simple as setting the ReportSource property of the respective viewer.

Allowing users to interact with the report

Developers can give users the ability to interact with their stories object via a programmable API. Developers can change report properties by calling methods or setting properties of the viewer object.

ADO.NET Integration

ADO.NET is now the lingua-franca of data interchange in the .NET world. Crystal Reports .NET provides the ability to use ADO.NET datasets as the data source for reports.

Expose Reports as Web Services

Reports can be exposed as Web services. This adds additional power to Web service applications. Presenting reports as Web services enable developers to offer real-time information (in the form of a report) as opposed to real-time data!

Now, you can download the installer of Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2019. Please click the Download Button below.

Download Here

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