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Curfew E-Pass Management System using PHP/MySQLi

July 1, 2020
curfew epass management system in php

Project: Curfew e-Pass Management System using PHP/MySQLi with Source Code

About the Project

This project is programmed using PHP and MySQL is the database used. Curfew e-Pass Management system is a web-based technology that enables record management of pass, which issue by administration and government. There is a need to get valid passes as efficiently as possible to ensure essential services keep functioning during the COVID-19 pandemic. Curfew e-Pass Management System is an automatic system that delivers data processing which will help and play a big role for this health crisis.

Features of the Project

  • Homepage
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Categories
  • Creation of Passes
  • Identify the passes created today, yesterday, and seven days ago
  • Passes Management
  • Print Passes
  • Search Passes
  • Passes Report
  • Automatic Creation of Pass ID

Administrator’s Dashboard

curfew pass dashboard

curfew pass dashboard


curfew system homepage

curfew system homepage

How to run the Curfew e-Pass Management System using PHP/MySQLi

1.Download the zip file

2.Extract the file and copy curfewepass folder

3.Paste inside root directory(for xampp xampp/htdocs, for wamp wamp/www, for lamp var/www/html)

4.Open PHPMyAdmin (http://localhost/phpmyadmin)

5.Create a database with name cpms

6.Import cpms.sql file(given inside the zip package in SQL file folder)

7.Run the script http://localhost/curfewepass


You can watch the video demo below on how to run this project.

Download Here
  • Sir I’m really interested in E-pass management system project report or documentation. This is my email address:

    I’ve been trying to buy it but not going through.

    Alhajie Abu Bakarr Turay October 19, 2021 11:23 pm Reply
  • This is amazing. It is easy to run, without any errors and it’s very user friendly. The dashboard and other modules are easy to interact with.

    Would you mind adding the project documentation though? Or at least a version of it? It would really help to know how to go about it. Thank you.

    Kelvin Makau September 25, 2021 2:54 pm Reply

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