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Student Clearance System using PHP MySQL

April 28, 2021
student clearance system

Project: Student Clearance System using PHP and MySQL with Source Code

About Student Clearance System using PHP MySQL Project Free Download

This is a Student Clearance System using PHP MySQL built for schools to issue barcodes to the student to check whether a student has paid or not. The admin is responsible for creating users and students and managing the school’s whole affairs. Every user must log in to access the system. I am sharing the source code here for everyone to learn, most especially the Qrcode part.

The Student Clearance System was developed using PHP/PDO, MySQL Database, HTML, CSSJavascript (Ajax and jQuery), and Bootstrap for the design. Continue reading to know the features and the installation processes of this project.

Features of Student Clearance System

  • User Management
  • Student Management
  • Faculty Data Management
  • Department Management
  • Session Management
  • School Fees Settings
  • Pay Fees

Student Clearance System Project

  • Name of Project: Student Clearance System Project
  • Language:                  PHP
  • Databases used:      MySQL
  • Design used:            HTML JavaScript, Ajax, JQuery, Bootstrap
  • Browser used:          IE8, Google Chrome, Opera Mozilla
  • Software used:         WAMP/ XAMPP/ LAMP/MAMP


student clearance system in php

student clearance system in php

student clearance system in php mysql

How To Run??

Above all, to run this project you must have installed a virtual server i.e XAMPP on your PC. Student Clearance System in PHP and MySQL with source code is free to download, Use for educational purposes only!

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Follow the following steps after Starting Apache and MySQL in XAMPP:

1st Step: Firstly, Extract the file
2nd Step: After that, Copy the main project folder
3rd Step: So, you need to Paste in xampp/htdocs/

Further, Now Connecting Database

4th Step: So, for now, Open a browser and go to URL “http://localhost/phpmyadmin/”
5th Step: After that, Click on the databases tab
6th Step: So, Create a database naming “dms” and then click on the import tab
7th Step: Certainly, Click on browse file and select “dms.sql” file which is inside the “db” folder
8th Step: Meanwhile, click on Go button.

After Creating Database,

9th Step: Moreover, Browse the Student Clearance System in a browser. i.e. http://localhost/clearance/admin for the admin side and http://localhost/clearance/student for the student side.

Admin Login Access Information

Username: campcodes
Password: campcodes

Sample Student Access

Matric Number: 1234
Password: 1234


I hope this Student Clearance System in PHP will help you with what you are looking for and hope that you will learn something with this project that is useful for your future projects.

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Download Here


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