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Retro Cellphone Online Store: An E-Commerce Project in PHP MySQLi

May 7, 2023
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Retro Cellphone Online Store: An E-Commerce Project in PHP MySQLi  

The complete development of this e-commerce script used the PHP, HTML, Javascript, and MYSQLi progamming languages.

The eCommerce is used to conduct online sales of vintage cellphone products.

The Retro Cellphone Online Store is a showroom where buyers may order cellphones that were released a few years ago but are still available for purchase.

By using this E-Commerce Script as a template, anyone may alter and develop it without much difficulty because of its user-friendly interface.

This E-Commerce Script contains an Admin Panel and uses PayPal for online payments. Its administrator or employees can use the system to administer the products, view messages, etc.

Importance of the eCommerce script

  • The deals between the seller and the buyer are made simpler when they are hosted online.
  • It maintains records of the online store business.
  • It keeps the company open 24 hours a day.
  • It enables the customer to explore products and learn more about them before making a purchase.

E-Commerce Script Features

Project Name:Retro Cellphone Online Store: An E-Commerce Project in PHP MySQLi
Software Type:Web-Based Application
Web Languages:PHP, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, Bootstrap, CSS
Database Type:MySQL Database
Test Condition:Tested on local server 
PHP Version:PHP
Software Purpose:For the management of an online shop


  • Products: Create, Read, Update, and Delete are the four CRUD operations for products.
  • Add Member: From the admin panel, the administrator may add members.
  • Add Multiple User: The administrator can also add numerous users to the online store.
  • User Removal: The administrator has the discretion to delete any user at any time for any cause.
  • Delete Member: The administrator of the e-commerce platform has the ability to delete members in addition to users.
  • List of Member Messages: The administrator of this eCommerce script can also access the list of system messages.


  • Product Ordering: Users may place product orders.
  • Paypal payment: PayPal is a payment option for users.
  • Shopping cart feature: Every user’s interface includes a shopping cart feature.
  • Send reviews: Users have the option of sending reviews for each item they buy.

Users of the e-commerce

  1. Programmers who want to build an e-commerce website and require a framework.
  2. Students who must complete projects using similar software.
  3. People who are interested in self-development and in learning how such software functions.
  4. Owners of internet stores that sell goods online who urge their consumers to do so.
  5. Researchers who are examining the efficiency, benefits, and drawbacks of an eCommerce software.

To have experience on how to use this system, download the source code and follow the instructions listed below.


How to install the eCommerce script

  1. Download and Install a local server on your computers such as XAMPP or WAMP.
  2. Download the E-commerce Script source code, the download will be in a zip file format provided source code zip file. The download link will be found below.
  3. Open your local server Control Panel and start Apache and MySQL on your computer.
  4. Extract the downloaded zip file, to do this you must have zip extractor software on your computer. 
  5. For XAMPP users, copy the extracted folder and paste it into “htdocs” directory in XAMPP’s. For WAMP users, copy and paste the extracted source code directory into the “www” directory.
  6. Use your browser to locate the phpMyAdmin. i.e. http://localhost/phpmyadmin
  7. On the phpMyAdmin create a new database and name it retrocell_db.
  8. Next import the provided database SQL file. The file name is retrocell_db.sql you will find it inside the root folder of the script you extracted.
  9. Browse the Ecommerce system in any browser. i.e. http://localhost/ecommerce and for the admin side http://localhost/ecommerce/admin.


eCommerce script Login Details

Admin Login

  • Admin Login URL: /ecommerce/admin
  • Admin Username: admin
  • Admin Password: admin
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