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Import SQL File to MySQL Database in PHP MySQL

February 1, 2021
import sql file to mysql

Table of Contents

Tutorial:  Import SQL File to MySQL Database in PHP MySQL

Getting Started

This tutorial is how to import SQL File to MySQL Database.

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Step 1

Make sure to start your localhost Server (XAMPP, WAMP, etc).

Step 2

Open phpMyAdmin in your browser and input necessary credentials to access MySQL Database.

import sql file to mysql database

Step 3

Create a new database and name this newly created database. creating a new database in mysql

Step 4

Import the .sql file into our created database by clicking Import Tab, selecting the file and clicking the Go button below.

import the sql file

Step 5

Lastly, you will see this messages if the import is successful. import sql file to mysql That ends this tutorial. Happy Coding 🙂

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