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Divi Theme v4.24.1 Free Download – All You Need to Know

February 24, 2024
divi wordpress theme free download

WordPress ThemeDivi Theme v4.24.1 Latest Version With Premade Layouts Free Download

Are you looking for a Divi theme free download? Whether you’re an experienced web developer or a total beginner, this powerful tool can help you build stunning WordPress websites with ease.

About Divi WordPress Theme v4.24.1

Divi WordPress Theme Free Download is one of the most popular and powerful multi-purpose WordPress theme designed by Elegant Themes. This theme is known for its flexibility and multiple customization options. Divi can be used for any type of niche websites. It can perfectly fit on all kinds of blogs or sites. Divi theme makes it easy to design and build layouts for your website pages using its drag n drop visual editor. It replaces the standard WordPress post editor with a higher-level visual editor. Even a newcomer or a non-techy person can design awesome pages easily using its visual editor. You can also import from 800+ pre-made layouts in just one click on the WordPress dashboard.

Divi theme also supports responsive customization settings, which makes it easy to build mobile-ready sites. Divi gives us complete control over how our website will look on different devices and screen sizes. You can customize each and every part of this theme according to your requirements. The typography settings of the Divi theme make your website more eye-catchy. Divi theme also supports custom CSS code. In short, the Divi theme with Divi Builder is the best combination ever to build a professional website within few minutes. You can also use any other page builders if you want, but Divi Builder is recommended for this theme.

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What is Divi WordPress Theme?

Divi is a premium, multipurpose WordPress theme that allows you to create any kind of website you can imagine. It comes with a drag-and-drop page builder that simplifies the process of building pages and customizing your website’s appearance.

Core Features of Divi Theme – The Ultimate WordPress Theme

  • Responsive theme
  • Cross-browser support
  • Lightweight coding and design
  • Highly customized
  • 800+ professionally designed page layouts
  • Easy to import and export layouts
  • Visual editor support
  • Gutenberg support
  • 100+ full website pack
  • Highly optimized for search engines
  • Loads really fast
  • HTML5 and CSS3 used to build
  • Custom CSS support
  • Custom font-family support
  • Pricing tables support
  • Advertisement ready
  • SEO options
  • Google fonts support
  • Custom logo and site icon support
  • WooCommerce ready

What is Divi WordPress Theme?

Divi is a premium, multipurpose WordPress theme that allows you to create any kind of website you can imagine. It comes with a drag-and-drop page builder that simplifies the process of building pages and customizing your website’s appearance.

What are Divi Themes?

Divi themes are website templates that you can use to instantly create beautiful, functional websites. They come in different categories like business, blogs, portfolios, e-commerce, and more. Divi themes are built on top of the Divi parent theme, making them easy to customize.

What is Divi Used For?

Divi is used to build websites of any kind – from one-page portfolios to e-commerce websites. Its drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to create custom pages, and its wide range of pre-built templates helps you get started faster.

How do I Install Divi Theme on WordPress?

To install Divi theme, first, log in to your WordPress dashboard. Then, go to Appearance > Themes > Add New. Search for Divi, and click “Install Now”. After installation, click on “Activate” to activate the theme.

What is the Cost of Divi Theme?

Divi comes in two pricing options: Yearly Access and Lifetime Access. Yearly Access costs $89/year and includes access to all Elegant Themes products, including Divi Builder, Bloom, Monarch, and more. Lifetime Access costs a one-time fee of $249 and gives you lifetime access to all Elegant Themes products, including unlimited updates and support.

How do I Get Divi Theme?

You can get Divi theme by purchasing one of its two pricing options – Yearly Access or Lifetime Access – from the Elegant Themes website. Once you have purchased access to Divi, you will receive a link to download it.

Is Divi a Free Theme?

No, Divi is not a free theme. It is a premium theme that can be purchased from Elegant Themes to access its advanced features and functionalities.

Why Divi is Better than Elementor?

Compared to Elementor, Divi offers a more flexible website-building experience with its wide range of pre-built templates, responsive design options, and strong customer support. Divi’s built-in split-testing feature also allows you to optimize your website for conversions more effectively.

How Much is Divi vs Elementor?

Divi and Elementor pricing plans are relatively similar. Divi’s Yearly Access costs $89/year, while Elementor’s Pro plan costs $49/year. However, Divi’s Lifetime Access plan, which costs $249, may be more expensive than Elementor’s Premium plan, which costs $199/year.

Is Divi a Good WordPress Theme?

Yes, Divi is a highly rated, high-quality WordPress theme that is used by over 750,000 websites worldwide. Its drag-and-drop builder, pre-built templates, and customization options make it easy to build stunning websites, regardless of skill level.

Is Divi Good for Beginners?

Yes, Divi is an excellent theme for beginners, thanks to its intuitive drag-and-drop builder and pre-built templates. Even if you have no coding experience, you can build beautiful websites with ease.

Does Elementor Work with Divi Theme?

Yes, it is possible to use Elementor with Divi theme. However, it is generally not recommended to use more than one page builder at a time, as it can lead to conflicts and performance issues.

Is Elementor a Divi?

No, Elementor is a separate page builder plugin for WordPress. It is not part of the Divi theme.

Can I Use Divi and Elementor Together?

While it is technically possible to use Divi and Elementor together, it is generally not recommended, as it can lead to conflicts and performance issues.

Is Divi Faster than Elementor?

Divi and Elementor have similar speed and performance capabilities. However, the speed of your website will ultimately depend on a variety of factors, including your hosting provider, website size, and number of plugins.

Does Divi Use PHP?

Yes, Divi uses PHP, along with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. PHP is used to handle server-side processes, such as database queries and form submissions.

Does Divi Slow Down Your Site?

While Divi does not inherently slow down your website, it can have an impact on website speed if used incorrectly. To ensure optimal website performance, keep your website clean and organized, minimize your use of plugins, and optimize your images and other media.

Who Made Divi Theme?

Divi theme was created by Elegant Themes, a web design company founded in 2008. Elegant Themes has since grown to become one of the most successful WordPress theme companies globally, offering a variety of premium themes, plugins, and design assets.

Do I Need WordPress to Use Divi?

Yes, Divi is a WordPress theme and can only be used with a WordPress website.

Is Divi a Fast Theme?

Yes, Divi is a fast and lightweight theme that is optimized for speed and performance. However, website speed also depends on factors outside of the theme itself, such as your hosting provider, website size, and number of plugins.

Can I Sell Divi Theme?

No, it is against Elegant Themes’ licensing policies to resell or distribute Divi theme. However, you can use Divi to build websites for clients and charge for your services.

Live Demo/Sales Page of Divi Theme v4.24.1 – The Ultimate Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme


Sales Page

What’s New in Divi Theme v4.24.1 (Changelog)

  • Divi3.5.3 – Improved Accessibility.
  • Divi3.4.1 – Improved compatibility with WordPress 5.0.
  • Divi3.4 – Added dynamic content feature.
  • Divi3.3 – Improved builder loading time.
  • Divi3.2 – Added WooCommerce module.
  • Divi3.1 – Refined design options.
  •  Added new advanced gradient builder control to the background option group.
    – Improved VB performance by refactoring event listener in utils/mouse.js to be more efficient.
    – Removed mousemove event listener in ETBuilderRoot component.
    – Improved the logic to add/ remove event listener in ETBuilderPageSettingsBar component.
    – Improved VB performance by prevented certain actions from being executed on every click when not necessary.
    – Improved VB performance by refactoring event listener in utils/keyboard.js to be more efficient.
    – Fixed helper functions not being loaded in certain cases causing errors when 3rd party modules are autosaved.
    – Fixed a bug which were causing Background Size of Post Slider Module to be different in some cases on Frontend.
    – Fixed a bug where the left padding for specialty columns did not work in some cases.
    – Fixed an issue where the “View Details” link was not correctly set for products on the latest version.
  • – Fixed a PHP error in Extra Theme which was caused by Background Settings helper class.
    – Updated Image Position option to show for all image repeat options in Background Settings.
    – Fixed a bug that was causing Button Background Settings to not render properly on front end.
  • – Added the new Background Masks design setting. Background Masks frame your backgrounds to create new shapes and visual effects.
    – Added the new Background Patterns design setting. Background Patterns overlay your background elements, adding texture to your page.
    – Added new Background Image Size option.
    – Added new Background Image Offset options to allow for background image position adjustment.
    – The “Place Gradient Above Background Image” option now works with parallax background images.
    – Copying and pasting background options will now work correctly between standard and specialty sections.
    – Fixed duplication issue when multiple output elements are added on the same Woo module.
    – Fixed builder being laggy after adjusting draggable sizing.
    – Fixed PHP warning when Contains conditional logic for Custom Field is being used and the second custom field value is empty.
    – Fixed module animation doesn’t work when Popup Maker plugin is active.
  • Allow third-party extensions to access post or page setting values on builder via ET_Builder.API.
  • Fixed the color picker input shows up when the Rank Math plugin is activated.
  • Fixed a bug where when importing a layout with global colors the colors would not be imported as global.
  • Fixed the color picker input shows up when the Rank Math plugin is activated.
  • Improved JSON data retrieving method to prevent VB saving interruption.
  • Fixed an issue with the VIdeo module that caused the element to still be displayed when hidden.
  • Fixed issue where builder freezes when dragging padding and margin fast.
  • Fixed Post Title Module comment placeholder in the Visual Builder.
  • Suppressed warnings in React 16.12.0 when in the development environment.
  • Some other UI improvements and bug fixes.

Key Features of Divi Theme

Here are some of the key features that make Divi a popular choice for web developers:

  • Drag-and-Drop Builder
  • Pre-built Website Templates
  • Responsive Design Options
  • Advanced Design Settings
  • Built-in Split Testing
  • Global Elements and Styles
  • Secure and SEO-optimized coding
  • To-the-point documentation and tutorials

Getting Started with Divi Theme

To get started with Divi theme, simply purchase one of its two pricing options from the Elegant Themes website, install it on your WordPress website, and start building. With its intuitive drag-and-drop builder and pre-built templates, you’ll be able to create stunning websites in no time.

Tips for SEO-Friendly Content

To ensure that your Divi-created website ranks high on search engines, here are some tips for creating SEO-friendly content:

  • Use descriptive and optimized titles and meta descriptions.
  • Use header tags (H1-H6) to organize your content and optimize it for search engines.
  • Create a sitemap to help search engines crawl your website more efficiently.
  • Optimize your images and other media by using descriptive file names and alt tags.
  • Use internal linking to help visitors navigate your website and improve its overall structure.
  • Create valuable and informative content that addresses your target audience’s needs and interests.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Divi theme:

Q: Is there a Divi free trial available?
A: No, there is no free trial available for Divi theme. However, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee offered by Elegant Themes.

Q: Can I use Divi on multiple websites?
A: Yes, you can install and use Divi on an unlimited number of websites, regardless of the pricing option you choose.

Q: Can I customize Divi theme?
A: Yes, you can customize Divi theme extensively using its drag-and-drop builder and advanced design settings.

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Free Download Divi Premade Layouts (Premium Templates):

Download Divi Premade Layouts

This package includes a total of 208 layout packs (1532 total layouts). Follow the below guide to import and use them directly on your website:

  • First of all, Go to the download link provided below and download the layout that you want to use.
  • Then, Go to WordPress Dashboard>>Divi>>Divi Library>>Import & Export.
  • Now Click on the import tab and select the downloaded .JSON file of the layout. Then, Click on “Import Divi Builder Layouts”.
  • That’s all, Withing a few seconds layout pack will be successfully added to the library.
  • To use the layout, Just open the Divi editor of any post or page where you want to use the premade layouts.
  • Then, Click on the “+” icon there and select the “Your Saved Layouts” tab. Here you will find all the layouts you have imported previously.
  • Just select one from them that you want to use for that specific page.
  • Boom!!! All blocks of that layout will be visible on the front-end editor. Now you customize the layout according to your requirements.
  • In the same way, you can import and use all other premade premium layouts.

divi wordpress theme

Free Download Divi Theme v4.24.1 Latest Version – Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

Download Here


Divi theme is a powerful and versatile tool for building stunning WordPress websites quickly and easily. Its versatile drag-and-drop builder, pre-built templates, and customization options make it accessible to both beginners and experienced web developers. With its optimized coding and SEO-friendly features, Divi creates website pages that rank high on search engines for relevant keywords. So, if you’re looking for a fast, responsive, and feature-rich theme, Divi is an excellent choice!

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