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How to get Traffic On Your Website Fast With Different Ways.

June 27, 2020
Digital Marketing
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How to get Traffic On Your Website Fast:

Who does not dream of receiving applications from the Internet, without investing in advertising and without unfastening the tidy amount monthly to SEO partners? We have collected several ways to attract new visitors to the site without investments (well, almost) in 2020.

Of course, nothing happens for free.

Just creating a website and waiting for traffic is a bad strategy. At a minimum, you need to invest your own time to attract visitors to your resource. And we will show how exactly you can do it.

1. Content Marketing

How to promote a site with content

2. Services and sorcerers of search engines

Yandex.Directory and Google My Business

Yandex services and sorcerers

Google Services and Wizards

3. TOPs, ratings, comparisons

4. Social networks

YouTube Channel Promotion

5. Catalogs, aggregators

Where can and should I register a site

6. Email Newsletters

What you should not do in the email newsletter

+1. Crowd marketing

There are free traffic sources

1. Content Marketing:

If you take the creation, publication, and distribution (distribution) of content for yourself, this method can be considered shareware. Conditionally because it will require a lot of labor. If you order articles, the investment will be lower than the cost of advertising. The advantage of this method is that content, even once paid, will work for you for a long time and without additional investments.

How to promote a site with content:

Create useful content regularly and post on your site.

But just publishing a few articles is not good. First, you need to find out topics that are popular with the target audience, build a semantic core based on demand, optimize texts and images to meet the requirements of search engines (lists, paragraphs, title and description meta tags, H1-H6 headers), use important key phrases. If everything was done correctly, users come from search and other sources, browse content, share links to posts, bookmark the site and advise it to others. Due to recommendations, content is gaining popularity and attracting new traffic.

Write from the bottom of the heart and for people, but do not forget about the search robots, which also need to somehow find your texts.

Publishing useful materials on your sites is not enough; use guest publications on sites popular with your target audience.
Find blogs and media in your area, find out what resources publish materials for free and go for it! To get started, study editorial policy and be prepared to collaborate with the editor. For material to be posted for free, it must be useful and not be advertising in nature. Most sites publish only unique texts, so do not rewrite articles from the blog – do a “smart” deep rewrite, enrich and modify the text.

If comments are open on the article, respond to constructive criticism, thank you for your support, answer questions, in a word, communicate openly and in a friendly manner with readers. The article will be posted indicating the author and the link to the site. Even if the link is closed by the Nofollow attribute, you will still get traffic and dilute the external link profile.

Content curation is another way to be interesting to your audience.

With the permission of the author (!) Publish thematic articles on your blog or translate Western sources (ideally, it would be better to get permission in this case). Add your comments, clarifications, observations to the article, summarize the main thoughts of the material. One can argue with some conclusions. Of course, do this with respect to the author. With the help of other people’s thematic materials, you diversify the content and get rid of the need to write new material on a topic that has already been well disclosed by other experts.

Important! This is not about the theft of content, but a legitimate publication with the permission of the copyright holder on pre-agreed conditions.

Use different formats of content: articles, videos, infographics, studies, interviews, surveys, e-books, webinars.
Repacking works well: the video can be decrypted and converted into an article, the research data can be presented in the form of an infographic.

You can “get up” with a comment or a small article in existing publications on sites located at your profile in the top 20 Yandex and Google.
How to attract free traffic to a site in 2020

Such backlink add-ons are very effective both for traffic flow and for SEO.

The problem is that not everyone is ready to “let” someone into his article for free. However, it’s worth a try (negotiate with the owners of the sites), because this will give a noticeable effect for promotion. The ” Natural Links ” module in PromoPult will help you find the right sites to host.

Free access to the collective intelligence and experience of the Promopult service
The specialists will set up any turnkey campaign “on a turn-key basis” – context, targeting, SEO – it’s enough to have at least 3000 rubles on the balance sheet.

The funds contributed will go exclusively for advertising, and you will receive the campaign settings for free. Register and use!

Request free ad campaign setup

2. Services and sorcerers of search engines

Yandex.Directory and Google My Business
Search engine geo services are a great way to advance your local listings. This means that you will be found on requests related to the location: street, district, metro station. Registration in Yandex.Directory and Google My Business is free.

Benefits of being in Yandex.Directory

Improving the appearance of a snippet in search results due to the appearance of additional information (address, phone number, rating):
How to attract free traffic to a site in 2020

The presence of the site in Yandex.Maps, Yandex and Yandex.Navigator mobile applications.
An extended organization card to the right of issuing brand requests attracts attention:
How to attract free traffic to a site in 2020

Improving the ranking in local issuance:

Information will go to the so-called Yandex magicians – the quick answer and Yandex.

Mart magician.

How to attract free traffic to a site in 2020

The ability to connect additional functions: booking a table, making an appointment, and others, depending on the type of activity:
How to attract free traffic to a site in 2020

To register a company, follow the link, enter the name, address, contact phone number, and type of activity:

How to attract free traffic to a site in 2020

Next, the system will offer a list of similar companies nearby – your organization may already be registered. If not, click Add. To link a company to your account and add it to My Organizations, confirm that you are its owner or trustee. The operator or Yandex robot will call back the phone number you have left within 10 minutes and report a code that will need to be entered on the registration page. After that, the company will be available in the search.

We also recommend using a similar free service from Google – Google My Business (GMB). Unlike Yandex, Google accepts not only the sites of organizations that have a physical address, but also the rest. The advantages are obvious – you gain access to the audience of Google maps and increase visibility in local issuance by getting into a sorcerer called Google local pack:

Google map sorcerer in the issuance

Adding an organization to Google My Business is easy. Log in to your accounts, go to the service and fill out all the information about the company:

How to attract free traffic to a site in 2020

Google geoservice has fewer opportunities than Yandex.Help, but you can specify basic information about the organization – address, phone, opening hours, services, photos. Unlike the Directory, GMB has two interesting functions:

the ability to add video.

the ability to answer user questions directly from the organization’s card on delivery using the “Messaging” section:

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