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GUI TicTacToe Game in Python Source Code

June 12, 2020
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GUI TicTacToe Game in Python Source Code

Project: GUI TicTacToe Game In PYTHON With Source Code

This Game project is written in Python. The project file contains the python script ( This is a simple, GUI based strategy board game that is very easy to understand and use. All the playing rules are the same, just like we play in real-time tic tac toe. This is a simple multiplayer game.

The TicTacToe GUI game starts with a GUI board. First, the player has to click on any box to start the game. It contains the Minimax algorithm, which is a decision rule used for a two-player game. You can also see the score of the players at the bottom of the board. A simple 2D GUI is provided for comfortable gameplay. The gameplay design is so simple that users won’t find it challenging to use and understand.

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