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How Beginners Can Start Online Earning.

June 27, 2020
Online Earning
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How Beginners Can Start Online Earning.

Everyone has heard of the stock market, but few really know what the stock market is. We have a default Exchange application on our mobile phones, but few people understand how the stock market works and how to invest in the stock market. Do terms like CAC 40, stock indices, bonds, or stocks seem too complicated? Then this article is for you: beginner scholarship. We will explain very simply what the scholarship for beginners is:

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how the stock exchange works;
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the stock exchange for beginners;
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Choosing an Online Broker for Beginners
trade with a reliable forex broker

Beginners Scholarship – Definition:

The stock exchange is a market on which financial instruments are traded: stocks, currencies, bonds, etc. This market, like any other market, is dominated by the law of supply and demand: if a stock is in high demand, its price rises because there are many buyers in the market. If the title drops, there are more sellers in the market than buyers.

The stock exchange allows companies to finance themselves by selling parts of their own capital in the form of shares. On the other hand, the stock market allows investors to become a shareholder in a company and receive dividends if the company distributes them.

There are more stock markets than we can imagine: the traditional stock market, but also commodity markets such as oil and gold, stock market indices such as CAC 40 and DAX 30, the foreign exchange market for the eurodollar or the Swiss franc, derivatives markets, etc.

Stock Market Participants – Forex Beginners:

The stock market allows individuals to invest in the stock market, hoping to earn money by raising the price of the securities they buy. In addition to private individuals, the most important players in the capital market are investment funds, investment banks, hedge funds, insurers, states, and pension funds.

trades shares and ETFs

On the stock market we can distinguish two types of actors:

1. Buyers on the Stock Market:

Buyers are the ones who buy shares on the stock market. Any buyer buys a share in the hope that he will sell it at a higher price, ie more expensive. For example: if the price of an LVMH share on the stock market is 226 euros, I want to buy it only if I consider that the price may increase in the future.

2. Sellers on the Stock Market:

At the same time, a seller is a person or entity that sells security because it believes that its price will fall. For example: if the price of an LVMH share on the stock market is 226 euros, we will sell it only if we consider that the share price will decrease.

Forex For Beginners – How The Stock Market Works:

The stock market works like any other market: sellers sell their shares because they anticipate a fall in prices, and buyers buy a share in anticipation of a rise in prices. Stock quotes are free, they move all the time. Let’s look at a graph of the Paris Stock Exchange index – CAC 40 :

Beginners scholarship:

The chart shows the evolution of the index from May 2, 2017: the stock market is moving all the time! This is called volatility. Volatility in finance is the dynamics of the price of a financial asset.

Where does the money you could earn on the stock market come from?

This is a very good question that many beginners on the stock market do not know how to answer. The stock market is a zero-sum game: when someone makes money, someone else loses money on the stock market.

For example:

if you buy an LVMH share at a price of 226 euros today and the price increases tomorrow to 230 euros, you can win 4 euros. Meanwhile, the seller who sold the share for 226 euros will not be able to benefit from the price increase and has a potential loss of 4 euros.

Let’s take the opposite example: if you buy an LVMH share at a price of 226 euros today and tomorrow the price is 220 euros, the buyer will lose 6 euros, and the seller will win 6 euros.


To make short-term stock sales, you must invest in a stock derivative. In addition, if we look at CFDs, the possibility of short selling is one of the main reasons for the development of this market.

CFD trading CAC 40:

How to Invest on the Stock Exchange – Forex Beginner’s Guide:

On Google and other search engines, the phrase “how to make money easily on the stock market” is very popular. This proves that there are many people who want to invest money in the stock market. Any beginner in the stock market will look for the investor’s guide. You can find tips on anything and a lot of gurus on the internet, but if you want to invest in the stock market, you need to know 2 things:

the stock market is a risky market, you can make money as much as you can lose it;
there is no miracle method of investing in the stock market.
Beware of any advice that, apparently, works guaranteed on the stock market, because such a thing does not exist: trading signals, automated trading, “referral” trader – be careful not to fall into a possible scam. The first thing a novice investor needs to do is get information from reliable sources, thus avoiding falling into the ‘guaranteed profit’ net.

Stock Simulator – Free Demo Account For Beginners:

An easy way to test the stock market is to use an online trading simulator : online brokers offer virtual fund trading simulators that allow you to test real market conditions with real-time stock quotes.

If you are a beginner stock trader and want to discover this world, it would be interesting to do so to form an opinion. A demo account can help you understand online trading for beginners, can give you an idea of how to invest in the forex market , stock market officials and, at the same time, with its help can be tested what we call investment guide on the beginner scholarship.

free forex demo account:

Learn to Trade on the Stock Exchange – Forex Trading For Beginners
There are a lot of courses on the internet for beginner stock market investors, which explain how to invest on the stock market, online trading and other trader training programs. Admiral Markets is a regulated broker and on our website you can also find several scholarship courses for beginners:

From Amateur to Investor:

You can open a demo account and try to implement what you learn in these forex trading courses for beginners. In capital market investments, practice is at least as important as theory.

Beginner’s Scholarship – How to Create a Stock Portfolio?

Once you’ve set up and replenished your trading account, it’s time to move on to choosing stocks. Data flow and real-time fluctuations in the trading platform can overwhelm you at first. That’s why we advise you to focus on a small number of actions and focus on the companies you know from the consumer experience.

Famous stock investor Warren Buffett used to say, “buy a company because you want to own it, not because you want the price to go up.” He did not do badly at all following this principle.

Start with the company’s annual report, specifically the annual communiqués of the board of directors to shareholders, which will give you a clear picture of the prospects and context for the figures in the report.

After that, most of the information and analytical tools you need to evaluate will be available on the brokers ‘or trading sites’ sites , such as quarterly reports, recent news and other important information.

Many brokers like Admiral Markets offer tutorials on using the tools and even seminars to take your first steps on the stock market.

How To Make The Decision To Invest In Stocks – Forex Beginners Guide:

For a start, you should start trading and investing minimal amounts. It would probably be good to buy a single share to know the feeling of owning a share of a listed company. This will help you find out whether or not you have the patience to accept certain short-term losses in the hopes that you will make higher gains in the long run without too much stress.

Investing For Beginners – How To Buy Stocks Using Market Orders:

When you place an order on the market, you buy or sell the shares at the best price available on the market at that time. An order placed on the market is not linked to any price parameter, so the order will be executed immediately and will generally consist of several small orders.

Using market orders, the price at which you buy or sell the shares is not necessarily the same as the price indicated a few seconds ago. Indeed, Ask and Bid prices fluctuate continuously throughout the day. Market orders are suitable for buying or selling shares that do not have high price volatility during the day, ie the shares of large multinational companies are preferable to the shares of smaller companies that are more volatile.

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