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Top 2 Online Earning Ways. Explained With Examples

June 24, 2020
Online Earning
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Top 2 Online Earning Ways:

Well, I have good news: it is not that complicated and there are many different ways to do it.The fact of the matter is that not all of them adapt to all projects and all niches.

So in this post, I am going to summarize the 10 formulas that, in my opinion, would be the most important. 

My goal is that after reading this post you will be clear about how each one works, when it will work well and when it will not.Along with this, I will also give you references to go deeper with other readings on those specific formulas that interest you most.

What will you find here?

How much money can you earn with a website?

What type of website is the best to generate income?

  1. Make money with YouTube
  2. Generate income with a blog
  3. Generate income with a podcast
  4. Create an online store

3 Essential conditions to be able to monetize a web page

  • You must find a good market niche for your website
  • You have to get visits to your website
  • You need motivation and perseverance

10 ways to earn money with a website, its pros, and cons

  1. Make money on web pages with online advertising
  2. Sale of advertising space on your website
  3. Passive income with affiliate marketing
  4. Collaborations with brands. “Influencer marketing”
  5. Sell your own products on your website
  6. Sell services online
  7. Create a membership site
  8. Creation of online stores
  9. Work with Dropshipping providers in Spain
  10. Sponsorship of your YouTube channel, podcast or website

How to create a website to earn money


2 Recent Ways to Monetize a Web Page That Are Taking Over

  1. Sell online with Amazon FBA (in Spain and other countries)
  2. Receive donations with Patreon

Do you have to become self-employed to sell online?

Conclusions and final advice

Before continuing, remember that the monetization formulas on the Internet are far from exhausting in these 10 that I present here; there are many more. From this post, you will have a very complete first view of the topic of monetization of web pages, but I also encourage you to continue investigating.

Remember also that this is a highly creative topic, there is always room for new ideas that can be an excellent alternative to generate income for your particular case. Having said that, let’s do it 🙂

How much money can you earn with a website?

As you can imagine, the potential income bracket with a website is huge. Start from scratch if you do things wrong and go as far as the cases of “solopreneurs” (solo entrepreneurs) turned into millionaires.

Cases of millionaire solopreneurs in the US such as Tim Ferris, John Lee Dumas, or Lewis Howes and similar examples in Spain such as Euge Oller or Isasaweis are not the result of chance. They prove that the Internet has the potential to create extremely profitable businesses, even on an individual level.

Now, few people will get as far as the protagonists of these examples, we also have to keep a realistic perspective, of course.

What then would be a realistic middle ground?

A very good reference to see it is the “Bloggerview” interviews of “normal” websites that we have done here at Citizen 2.0, people like you and me who are subscribers to our blog (members of the “VIP Zone”).

The cases you can find here range from small “side projects” (small part-time projects) that generate a few hundred euros a month to projects turned into professions like Revolutionary Fitness by Marcos Vázquez, with six-digit income a year.

revolutionary home fitness

Revolutionary Fitness by Marcos Vázquez is one of the most successful projects that we have interviewed in Ciudadano 2.0. You can find all these success stories in the VIP zone of the blog (you have to register as a subscriber):

What type of website is the best to generate income?

If you are creating your project with the goal in mind that it is an online business, the obvious question is what type of website is the best for generating income.

It is a very complicated question … I would even say that it has no answer, and that is that there are many more weight factors involved than the web itself.

Let’s see some example:

First of all, much more than the type of website, what really matters is the topic (the niche) you choose. There are activities that, a priori, are more “monetizable” and others that are less. Then, a little further down, we delve further into the topic “chosen niche”.


77 Proven title templates that will multiply clicks.

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I want it now!

Another aspect, decisive for many people, is the technical difficulty of creating the web and marketing it. For some people, the excessive technical difficulty becomes an impassable barrier that kills the project before it is born.

There are many more aspects, but I think you are seeing why I say that it is a very relative and complicated question to argue objectively.  However, I am going to dare with a classification (of course, totally subjective ) of “easier to more difficult” of the four main options:

1. Make money with YouTube

YouTube is a brilliant option to start online work. Also, it seems to be the most affordable option because it is quite easy and fast to create a channel and start Also, it seems to be the most affordable option because it is quite easy and fast to create a channel and start making videos.

Here you can see how you can create an attractive channel from scratch and how to make money with it:

how to create a youtube channel.

How to create an attractive YouTube channel in 5 simple steps

Creating a YouTube channel is very easy nowadays. ✅Even making it “pretty” is easier than you think. Here I show you everything starting from scratch.

how to make money youtube.

Many associates making money on YouTube with ads. But that is only one of the formulas, and one of the worst. Learn about better alternatives here.

Furthermore, YouTube has a huge audience potential. You can easily see it in the consolidated YouTubers: even in Spanish, there are already many with more than 100,000 subscribers and hundreds of millions of reproductions of their videos.

We are talking about channels that get millions of views of their videos every month. As you can imagine, with these numbers, the economic figures they manage are also important. The biggest drawback I see is being on one platform of another (Google in this case). One of the most important consequences of this is that Google has control over your subscribers, not you.

This, on the one hand, limits you in marketing actions (you do not have their email to contact them, for example) but it also represents a strategic risk for your business. Closure of your account, for example, would mean losing all your subscribers with one stroke, you literally would have “disappeared” from the Internet overnight. Without reaching these extremes, platforms are changing their conditions for creators, these changes will not always be favorable to your interests (reduction of the organic scope, for example).

2. Generate income with a blog

A blog is another excellent option for creating an income-generating website.

Here you can also be within a platform ( Blogger,, Squarespace, etc.) or have your own platform, for which you need hosting and WordPress.

If you need hosting for your website or your blog, take action!

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You can imagine that for a business I recommend, as a general rule, the second option.

In this case, it is, above all, a question of marketing potential, that is, the maximum potential in flexibility; tools you can use to do marketing, etc. You will have them on a blog with WordPress and hosting.

Here is a mega-tutorial on how to create a professionally designed website with WordPress that includes a blog. And, if you prefer the path of reading, here I leave you two essential readings on creating blogs and how to choose the most suitable blog option for you:

blogger WordPress differences header

WordPress or Blogger (Blogspot): Which is the best for you?

When it comes to creating a blog or a website in general, WordPress and Blogger are still the two most popular options. Which one suits you best?

how to create a blog

How to create a blog – super easy step by step guide

✅It is very easy with this guide ✚ How to create good content, position your website, monetize your blog, and much more …

The disjunctive blog versus YouTube channel is very frequent. So I want to mention, at least, these essential aspects to keep in mind, along with my advice on what to do:

Video vs. text: 

there are people who are better at writing than making videos and vice versa. Overcome everyone’s initial embarrassment with the video and try both to find out which medium works best for you.

A blog has less traffic potential… : This is also a very generic statement, but the numbers of tens of millions of reproduction that many YouTube channels have achieved in a few years, normally, it is almost impossible to get them with a blog.

But it is easier to convert: however, in the video medium, you have it much more difficult to get clicks (which is the mainstay of income in almost all formulas). In the written text the click is much more natural because the link is right there, in the video you have to ask the user to perform the action. This requires you to motivate him much more to do it and so that he doesn’t forget at the end of it at the end of the video.

If you go on YouTube, create a blog too: if you decide on fantastic YouTube, but yes or yes also create a blog in which you also publish your videos and where you get subscribers in email. So you become independent from YouTube, your subscribers will be yours. You can even consider hiring the transcription of your videos to blog posts and capture traffic from that side as well.

It is also important to emphasize that a blog and a YouTube channel complement each other perfectly.

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