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How To Integrate Video Into Your Content Marketing Strategy

October 30, 2022
How To Integrate Video Into Your Content Marketing Strategy

How To Integrate Video Into Your Content Marketing Strategy

Consumers are constantly exposed to live streams, interactive 360-degree films, augmented reality, and other forms of media. Brands can no longer get by with only written content and photos. This indicates that businesses are recognizing the importance of video and investing in its production and dissemination.

Your videos should produce store with careful preparation and execution. There are many online video editor options that you can use to do the same. But before that, you need to understand the basics!

A few tips for incorporating videos into your content marketing strategy are

Establish Scope 

Setting goals is the first step in carrying out any transformation. Determine the precise amount of video you want to incorporate into your plan by doing some research.

Decide on the type of video material you will produce and the frequency with which you will do it. Keep in mind the amount of money you want to put into your video projects. If you want to make a professional video, it might be helpful to employ a videographer.

Video needs to be strategically planned, just like any other form of content. Especially if it is a standalone piece of material, the video has to be optimized for several dissemination channels. But integrating video with other forms of content marketing may help boost outcomes.

Begin Modestly

A great start is crucial because a launch could spell the end of the video in your content marketing strategies. Start with a video that will appeal to the broadest audience and have the lowest common denominator.

A brief video commercial or introduction to your product or service is a fantastic place to start. It would not cost much in terms of time or money.

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Add Videos to Your Website 

Utilizing video on your landing page is one of the best ways to engage visitors immediately. The focal point of your internet operations is your website. Research says videos increased traffic to their website by 86%, generating more leads or purchases for your business. So, make sure you use the best online video editor available at your dispense.

Additionally, visitors to your website might be looking for product testimonials or product demonstrations to understand more about what your venture does. Your visitors will get the most from their time on your website because of the video content.

Stay Mobile-Friendly 

Mobile usage makes up 47.96% of all internet traffic worldwide. You can organize the production and dissemination of your video content. Instead of expecting your audience to come to you, go where they are and make your films mobile-friendly if you want your material to be noticed.

Another reason you want to adapt to a mobile-first approach is that Google has shifted to mobile-first indexing since 2019.

integrate video into marketing

Do your study and keep things like this in mind when developing your video marketing strategy because square-shaped films work particularly well on most mobile devices.

Add Videos to Emails 

Take a moment to consider how many emails you get every day. As a result of our conditioning, we tend to skim text, focusing only on the key details we require. Use a video in your email campaigns. Videos on email campaigns are better than images and text. This is because videos can convey more information than other mediums faster and more efficiently.

Videos can make any mail look more exciting than text. Also, videos can help you shrink the content and keep the user informed more quicker. To make the videos suitable for emails, you can use free online video editors to resize and fit the email size.

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You can ensure that the intended message is memorably delivered to the receiver. It can increase views by letting your email subscribers know that you have posted a new video they might find interesting.


There should be a related video for every blog article. Video may broaden the audience on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, whether it is a brief product video outlining an announcement or a 30-second video from the author.

About 66% of consumers stated they would like to watch a brief video to understand more about a product or service. It is crucial to encourage your readers to click on and read a link in addition to teasing them with blog material.


For over two decades, webinar material has generated leads and educated audiences, whether it consists of a live presenter or audio-visual slides. You can use short clips from the webinar and share them on all social media platforms to gain more traction for your brand. Put them on your website, blog, or landing page and distribute them via social media to attract new customers, particularly those who missed your live webinars.

To distribute webinars on social media, you may break them up into little segments that link back to the complete webinar on your website. Teasers for webinars help in leads since they may entice people back into your funnel and away from third-party hosting services.

To increase the likelihood that your content is diverse enough for your audience to absorb it in their preferred way, organize a webinar based on other resources like e-books and white papers. Share both if you want to investigate how video might impact content more deeply.

Product Displays 

It is to a marketer’s best advantage to show rather than tell when it comes to complicated and detailed items (or even basic ones). While watching the video, viewers absorb 95% of the message, making it the ideal medium for explaining how a good or service works.

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Press releases, announcement blogs, and social media postings should include videos, even if it is a quick 60-second overview or a lengthier webinar that delves deep into the details.

integrate video into marketing - product display

Videos can emphasize your product’s focal point much more comfortably than images. While text and image content needs to be designed carefully, videos can do the same much easier.

Execute Live Videos

Live video is more popular than ever. “Going live” has tremendous value, which you may utilize to produce material that will last for future viewers. You can engage and communicate with your audience through live video feeds.

Do not forget to record these live videos so that people may watch them afterward. It can also generate a lot of buzz around significant announcements and updates.

integrate video into marketing - executive live videos

Starting a live video notifies all your followers, giving your profile a boost for the time being. Nowadays, brands engage experts and influencers for live video since it improves the quality of the content and draws in more people.


People trust their peers more than they believe businesses. Why not take advantage of your enthusiastic customer base to ask them to share their experiences using your product or service? Finding influencers who will tell their networks how much they appreciate a product is something that many brands currently do.

By fostering these ties, your clients will become more vested in your brand and goods. These contacts can increase word-of-mouth recommendations and convert those clients into supporters.


While content marketing aims to inform, entertain, and convert your audience, it may also be a factor in retaining your current clientele. Educational information is crucial, as is direct video communication with the customer. Video humanizes brands and fosters enduring connections.

It is critical to run videos efficiently throughout the funnel as video usage among businesses worldwide rises. Implementing strategies to make the most of your videos and content is necessary to do this successfully.

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