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10 Basic Steps To Do SEO

June 25, 2020
Digital Marketing
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What are SEO companies doing?

When dealing with search engine optimization (SEO), you will be asked the same question multiple times. The question was, if a web production company or a web representative of a company has a partnership with a professional SEO company, the SEO professional will ask, “What do you do specifically?

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In fact, even SEO companies rarely do something special. The method of implementation is mostly published in various places on the Internet including this site and books. But the questioners aren’t really convinced by that. The questions of the questionnaires are as follows.

“It’s not that I’m not doing any special work, but my business can’t be established. If you are not a search engine optimization company, there will be something special or flow that you can never do. Having a company that pays for it means it’s worth paying for.”

From the conclusion, it is usually not. Even as a SEO company, it is similar to the work that web production companies or corporate web managers are doing, but it is an extension. To prove that it is really called SEO services in 10 kinds of order > I’ve gathered under the. The right way is this is almost everything. Also, not all of these are always executed in search engine optimization, and consulting or execution is performed by combining necessary contents according to the conditions.

10 steps to SEO:

First, analyze the current situation.

Before doing anything, we use the results of access analysis to extract frequently used keywords, or to analyze the movement of landing pages. As a keyword with a high purchase conversion rate, we investigate whether there is nothing important at this time. And whether there are any losses incurred in the traffic. It also checks the results of your site or competing sites when you search by the main keyword, or investigates which keywords are being used by competing sites. The results of these analyzes have an impact on “setting goals” or “creating scenarios” to be run later.

Check the target setting of the site operation again.

Reaffirm the purpose of the website operation. If you are simply aiming to improve new traffic, you can set up complex settings including improving exposure to specific keywords, increasing the number of backlinks, increasing purchase conversion rate, improving site stay time, improving page view (PV), and increasing the traffic to revisit. There are cases.

Design sales scenarios or user routes.

We design the scenario of the induction process from visit to purchase by touching the copper wire. We will review various methods related to sailing and review scenarios that promote psychological changes or behaviors up to purchase. For sites that do not aim to bring visitors to your purchase, such as an information site or a news site, you can use a landing page as a starting point to inquire about the relevant information, or review ideas that encourage you to revisit or introduce others to the site.

Choose a keyword.

For pages that you want to expose in search results, content and target users are predicted and cataloged with search keywords that are likely to be used when searching for the content. In some cases, you can use search ads as a test, or work with reference to search keyword tools. It’s also a job to see if the person in charge has a sense.

Optimize navigation and bottom footer design.

Typically from search results, visitors can directly access deep deep pages that exist inside the site. Based on such a landing page, navigation is optimized so that you can browse related content or provide a smooth path to purchase. In this task, you will design an optimized navigation based on what you have designed as a scenario and, if necessary, also touch the site’s configuration. It also optimizes the link structure within the site during this operation.

Optimize the landing page and make it further.

SEO optimizes all pages, including navigation, so that all pages inside the site can function as landing pages (pages you access first). If there is no suitable landing page corresponding to the keyword you want to collect traffic on, create one. Additional landing pages are produced in response to the site’s sales scenario or keywords that appeal to the page.

Structure pages logically.

If the existing page did not have a logical structure, re-edit the document, and layer the work or layer structure into the HTML level. If necessary, copy writing or the text itself may be touched. This is also a fundamental requirement for web accessibility.

Optimize the source code.

This is a simple code conversion. It may be a task to secure the accessibility of the robot. Run to make sure all pages are stingy correctly. These include separating the structure and presentation of documents, externalizing Java script, and organizing complexly inserted markup. In many cases, we work with authoring tools or CMS.

Try copy writing or labeling.

Adjust the phrase such as title or appearance, the label of the link, etc. to include the search keyword, or to draw attention to itself. You’ll need creative, appealing keywords and the ability to include keywords accurately. It is relatively easy for sites that focus on information in a specific field or for specialized industry sites such as insurance and finance, but it is more difficult for sites that deal with products that depend heavily on human preferences.

Manage backlinks.

We do a variety of ways to increase links from outside the site. From basic things such as reciprocal linking with a business partner or related company site, in some cases, when the size increases, a method of increasing the back link by creating an external site called a satellite site may be adopted. In addition, recently, social media optimization (SMO) using social media such as blogs and social bookmarks is taking place.

Website representatives and SEO

As mentioned above, all of the things introduced in this article are different from those that work in web production companies, but those who are in charge of web companies in the company usually do. To be honest, the majority of search engine optimization is a good strategy for site operators to do in-house. In any case, most of them are something that a producer or operator cannot do.

Sometimes outsourcing can be seen as purchasing professionalism and cost reduction. But in fact, outsourcing SEO actually sounds like a lot of talk about the increasing number of web production companies. Some SEO companies try to build a site for search engines, not for users, and as a result, creative aspects such as visuals and phrases are destroyed. It may be hard to believe…

Learn and master SEO yourself

In fact, it was difficult for spammers to hack search results because the search engine performance wasn’t very good until five years ago, and those who knew how to do so were able to collect as many traffic as they wanted via search. In addition, the penalty for spam behavior is also very strong, and various information was distributed to avoid it.

But this is not the time. Search engines have become smarter, and spam-like tricks rarely work. Spam-like deception is simply ignored, and unless it is extremely malicious, it has a status that has no effect on the ranking of search results (it does not affect rise or fall). The best way to optimize search engines is to create and run a good site right now. And that’s what a web production company or corporate web representative should do.

SEO is still a powerful weapon when it comes to doing business on the web. In some cases, SMO is one of the best ways to get huge traffic. But on the one hand, it still brings a lot of traffic through web browsing. For this reason, SEO is not already special, but is part of the work of a web production company or a web representative of a company. In other words, it cannot be handled exclusively by people who are called SEO specialists. What matters is internal interest and competence.

Tips & Tricks from Campcodes:

It is none other than the company that understands their products and services best. Ideas for creating the content needed for SEO are also the easiest for members of the company.

Creating and using a satellite site does not just increase the backlink of the official site. It also means that it covers an area of ​​content that is difficult to cover on the official site.


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