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2 Best Computers To Run Heavy Software Easily.

June 27, 2020
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2 Best Computers To Run Heavy Software Easily:

Do you have any time? Below is a summary of the best antivirus for gamers in 2020.
BullGuard: Game Booster Mode has greatly improved CPU performance to optimize gameplay. It also provides excellent malware detection and 24/7 technical support. Game booster mode is included in the cheapest plan.
Most top-level antivirus programs include a game mode in their packages. But which programs are really effective and which are smart marketing strategies? Game Mode is a specific antivirus engine designed to keep your computer safe without slowing or stopping the game. Most game modes are similar, but few companies offer high-quality features designed to enhance and enhance the overall gaming experience.

A good antivirus has tested over 50 cybersecurity products with high standards for what should and shouldn’t. We also tested some of the most popular products in cybersecurity to make a list of the top five antivirus software for fairly enthusiastic PC gamers.

Below is a summary of the best antivirus for gamers in 2020.


Game booster mode that improves CPU performance. Game profiles automatically adjust settings based on the type of game, fast malware detection, and VPN included.
Norton :

Anti-virus protection that runs a quick scan while running high-performance games. Choose from two performance modes optimized for games. Highly regarded cybersecurity companies.

Panda :

Best family protection for gamers’ parents. It includes automatic game triggers, usage history, app limits, location tracker, intuitive user interface, and numerous customization features.

Webroot :

Cloud-based antivirus software designed specifically for gamers. It has a low CPU antivirus engine with webcam protection and system optimization.

Kaspersky :

High-performance game mode with powerful malware detection. Various additional tools, such as file encryption, password synchronization between multiple computers, and performance enhancers, make your computer run faster.
Frequently asked questions about antivirus for gamers.

How to choose the top 5 antiviruses for gamers in 2020:

Game computers have special requirements that are not needed in a typical system. You need powerful Windows antivirus features that don’t ruin your gaming environment with annoying notifications, CPU-intensive searches, or excessive protection firewalls. The following are the functions tested for this.

optimization. It is the highest standard. Will this software slow your equipment? By measuring frame rates and cross-referencing with other third-party performance tests, the lowest CPU Hog was placed at the top of the list.
protect. When you’re searching, shopping online, or engaging in Battle Royale games, you want to keep your computer safe. While looking at the depth of the malware database, the level of protection offered by different game modes, and the effectiveness of an active search engine, a program actually protects your computer. I tried to find out what programs are being deceived.

Ease of use.

I tried to raise the level without wasting time selling the menu. Every program on the list comes with an intuitive layout, useful customization options, and responsive technical support to help you in case of problems.
Worthy enough. If you’re getting your money out of your Steam account, there’s a good reason. These antivirus programs consist of a wide variety of features, run on different operating systems, and can be used for simple prepaid processes.
Additional features.

Different virus vaccines provide different functions depending on the purpose being pursued. Whether you are playing online or offline, using multiple screens on a dual-boot Macbook or streaming live to Twitch, there are antivirus programs with features tailored to your needs. We focused on programs that offer a variety of additional features to ensure that all gamers are protected regardless of their specific needs.

Top brands not elected:

Not all antiviruses satisfy the gaming community, and some products completely ignore gamers’ expectations. I was surprised to find that there are some famous antivirus brands that are not performing as well as expected.


Bitdefender is close to the list criteria set. It runs in an uninterrupted Autopilot mode during the game and includes three different game modes that allow for a variety of customizations. However, this product was excluded from the list at his price point. This is because there are cheaper products with similar functions. But with a great 30-day free trial, you can understand Bitdefender’s advantage and make sure that the world-class protection offered by the product is appropriate.


McAfee recently launched Gamer Security in the industry, a new antivirus product designed specifically for gamers. When you look at the product, it is clear that you have made a thorough preparation, and it has been optimized for games with the Auto Game Boost feature, which significantly improves CPU performance during the game. Unfortunately, McAfee has oversimplified this product. When I tested the product, I missed some malware during the scan, and some features included in other McAfee products at the same price point were not added.


Avira has a great antivirus product, but when tested against other products on the list, it doesn’t include a game mode. That said, if you’re on a budget, Avira is a great free antivirus for Windows feature. But you have to keep in mind that you get paid for it. Avira often displays annoying pop-ups during the game.

1. BullGuard — Ultimate speed and performance for gamers

BullGuard has a reputation as the best antivirus for gamers looking for products that optimize performance without compromising protection.

The reason this product outperforms other competitors in all of its graphics and frame rate tests is that it allocates processing to speed up the entire league through the game booster feature. Routing to optimize memory usage and re-running background apps when the BullGuard games than you can play smoothly.

One cool thing is that you can create a custom game profile that automatically adjusts settings based on what game you are playing . For example, you can schedule updates, specify a folder to search for, and customize the firewall to keep certain ports open.

BullGuard has already set up some custom game profiles for many of the most popular games that release updates along with major releases.

The features expected from premium antivirus products are:

  • Extensive malware detection capabilities.
  • Identity theft prevention.
  • High quality VPN.
  • Customizable family settings.

BullGuard is always working to improve the user experience and has been increasing customer satisfaction for many years. Few antivirus companies have active community forums and 24/7 technical support staff.


For enthusiast high-performance gamers, this antivirus is the best product to purchase. Boost your CPU performance with powerful game boosters and automatically optimize your game with customizable game profiles. The company is expected to remain at the cutting edge of gamer security for years to come.

2. Norton — best for overall protection

Norton 360 had the second-lowest frame rate during the test. I was particularly impressed by the company’s rapid reputation for slowing gameplay in the past. As you learned from previous reviews, the company has made some significant improvements with the 360 product line.

When testing the game on the 360 Deluxe plan, Norton automatically enabled one of two performance modes to reduce the CPU load as soon as the game session started.

Quiet mode
Silent mode

Quiet mode is automatically triggered by CPU-intensive programs, and Silent mode is activated when all applications switch to full-screen mode. And there are many intuitive menus that allow you to customize each of these modes.

The family protection provided by Norton is great, and parental control is really valuable for parents of young gamers. You could monitor your usage, set limits, and flag important content to keep your child safe.

Malware detection is the cornerstone of Norton’s products, and the company’s long-term consistency is the number one reason it ranked #1 in the overall antivirus evaluation in 2020. Norton 360 detected 100% of the malware it deliberately put in during the test.

It offers many great features, all of which are easy to use due to the program’s intuitive interface. I’m especially grateful for the Norton Performance Graph, which tells you how you can see how your computer works and how you can easily organize it to optimize performance. And it was great to be able to install and use the dashboard in Korean. Norton 360 offers all the features you want from antivirus. One drawback is that there are no dedicated “game boosters” like BullGuard.


Norton 360 is not only the industry’s most versatile antivirus, it runs faster than all other antivirus programs. Automatic Quiet and Silent modes ensure you don’t interfere with gameplay. And with its great family protection features, Norton has many benefits for parents and gamer families. If you need a powerful anti-virus feature that doesn’t interfere, Norton is a good choice.

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