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Multi WebView and Admin Panel App in Android Studio

January 10, 2021
Android Studio
multi webview and admin panel app

Project: Multi WebView and Admin Panel App in Android Studio

About Multi WebView and Admin Panel App

Multi WebView and Admin Panel App is a mobile app that runs under the Android platform for multi webview application and Android 4.2 and higher. 

You can convert your website into a native mobile application. You can manage unlimited users and unlimited websites per user. Each user can manage their website from the user panel, and the admin can manage all users and websites from the admin panel. 

 The ability to send Push Notification and Google AdMob settings are also in the admin panel. With powerful and Responsive Admin Panel can manage unlimited users & websites. 

 This application was developed in Android Studio for the client-side and then PHP MySQLi (Codeigniter) for the admin side. Run under the Android platform, which is the most popular operating system in the world. Using this application, you can save money and time in creating an application for your website application.

Notice: For each website you created at the admin panel, you should create a new android project and change the Package Name. Also, Firebase & OneSignal & AdMob setup must be individually configured. 

Features of the Multi WebView and Admin Panel App

  • Multi WebView With One Admin Panel.
  • Manage & Config Everything You Need From Admin Panel.
  • Multi Level Admin Panel (super admin, admin, employee, user).
  • Users Can Manage Their Websites.
  • Admin Can Manage Users & Websites.
  • Google AdMob (Banner & Interstitial ads).
  • Enable/Disable AdMob From Admin Panel.
  • OneSignal Push Notification Per Website (send via admin or user panel).
  • Each User Can Send Push Notification to Specific Website.
  • Google Firebase Analytics.
  • Upload and Download Listener.
  • Social Network Sign-In & Sign-Up. (Google & Facebook)
  • Intent for WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Email, SMS, Call
  • Handle Javascript Alert on Website.
  • Open Specific Link On Phone Browser.
  • Progressbar to Show Loading Website.
  • Interactive HTML (Vibration, Toast, Snackbar, Play Mp3, Push Notification)
  • Network Check Listener.
  • Change Application Color From Admin Panel.
  • The APK Size is Only 3 MB.
  • Security proGuard and minifyEnabled.
  • RTL Mode (for both android and admin side).
  • Multi Languages (for both android and admin side).
  • Full User Manual (Video & Article).
Multi WebView and Admin Panel App in Android Studio

Multi WebView and Admin Panel App in Android Studio

System Requirements

  1. Linux Web Hosting
  2. PHP Version: 5.6 , 7.0 , 7.2 , 7.3, 7.4
  3. PHP Extensions: Curl with SSL, GD2 Image Library, JSON Support, MBString, Iconv, Encrypt (only for php 5.6 and 7.0)
  4. MySQL 5.5.x or newer
  5. FTP Tool to upload files to Server (eg: FileZilla)
  6. Android Studio 4.1 or newer

Live Demo

Download Android Demo:

Dashboard Login URL:
Admin Demo

  • Username: demoadmin
  • Password: 123456789

User Demo

  • Username: demouser
  • Password: 123456789
Sales Page

Download Multi WebView and Admin Panel App

Download Here

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