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How To Make Money With Graphic Designing.

June 27, 2020
Online Earning
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Make Money With Graphic Designing:

Hello! Today, under the heading “We share our experience,” Nikolai Gordeev will leave his mark. He has been engaged in web design for a long time and this is his main activity. Nikolay is also my friend, we have been working with him for a long time and I will tell you more, it was he who designed the design of my blog. The article will be in the “Question-answer” format and in it I wanted to convey to many of my readers that you can make money on freelance. Many people sit and think about how to make money on a freelance or on the Internet without leaving home, and people like Nikolai do not think, but they do it and they succeed.

Why is design profitable?

Now more and more companies are entering the Internet market. But, as a rule, most of them are not ready for this. They need graphic and web design services to reach a new level. And there are many such companies, we won’t even consider startups that need to design websites, logos and promotional materials already at the start. The demand for artists in this field is only growing, especially the demand for professionals in the field of design, of which there is a huge drawback at the moment.

How did you get started in design?

I began to study design at age 12 for a very funny reason – I did not like most sites in Runet, they were uncomfortable and very much behind many Western resources in terms of thoughtfulness. In those days, I played Freelancer and wanted to make a really beautiful site on this topic. It encouraged me to enter the web development and design industry to solve my problems. Then I also honed my skills on my projects, and I had torrent portals, blogs, and news resources. Over time, I began working as a freelance web designer and made good money.

What knowledge or skills are needed to start design?

In order to begin to engage in design, you need to make the main choice – in which direction you will work: with printed material or graphic design and web development. In the second case, you just need to start by reading a couple of books on design, watching video tutorials on Photoshop and you can act. Watch the work of other people, think about repeating their results, then you will learn how to solve the problems that your competitors solve and raise your professional level.

What documents, certificates, and other formalities are necessary in order to legally and officially earn money on design?

Very interesting question. Interesting in the sense that at the time of writing my answer, you can work as a designer without paying taxes through freelance. At the initial stage, you really do not need certificates and any documents, it’s quite simple to start – you simply register on the exchange and begin to fulfill orders. However, if for any reason you need to conduct your activities officially, then you can always get a job in any company officially, or register an IP (here’s an article on how to open an IP ).

How to effectively sell your services?

The best way to sell your services is a well-designed portfolio. The designer’s portfolio is a basic item that is considered before the approval of your order execution request. It is not so important how old you are or from which city you are, the portfolio is your business card and a pass to good orders.

What is your net profit and labor?

If divided by interest, then, as a rule, 10% of the monthly profit I spend on paid ads or premium accounts to increase the likelihood of me choosing an executor in the project. Once I set myself a simple goal: to earn at least a thousand rubles a day. My goal is successfully fulfilled, thanks to which I only earn from 30-40 thousand rubles a month on a design from the WorkZilla freelance exchange. If we consider direct orders, then everything depends on the client and the complexity of the order. Prices jump from 10,000 to 120,000 p. (these are the prices from my practice).

What subtleties and nuances are in your work?

First of all, you need to understand that design is not just beautiful buttons and stripes. “Design is not how the item looks, but how it works.” © Steve Jobs.

The main task of the designer is to decide how the user will perceive the product and interact with it. What tools do you use to earn money (direct orders or freelance sites)? Which is more efficient?

I used to use freelance exchanges like FL, Freelance, Odesk, and Workzilla to make money on the design before. Recently, I only managed Workzilla, the rest of the flow is made up of regular customers’ orders and word of mouth clients. On the financial performance, draw your own conclusions, I indicated the income above.

What is most often ordered?

As a rule, customers prefer to order a website design right away with the tricky phrase “invent your own logo”, this is the most common order option. In the second place I would put the development of logos, after which there are already such positions as the development of corporate identity, packaging, or advertising.

What plans do you have for the future? When will you finally open a full-fledged studio?

Now I am busy opening my Everest marketing agency, which starts working on October 20th and, in a year, I plan to open my industrial and graphic design studio, which has been my little dream for years.


In conclusion, I want to thank Nikolai for answers to questions and summarize myself. You can earn money sitting at home using your knowledge and skills + freelance exchanges. If you are a beginner designer, then increase your level and go ahead to earn money.

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